Book review
Daniel Prado, Geoffrey Kingscott, Karl Baddé & Christian Galinski, eds. International Who's Who in Translation & Terminology:Traduction et Terminologie / Répertoire biographique international
Paris-Nottingham-Bonn-Wien: Union Latine-Praetorius Ltd.-International Where+How-Infoterm, 1995. xxxviii + 427 (+ 1 floppy disk) pp. ISBN 0-9516572-5-9 / 92-9122-002-7

Reviewed by Zuzana Jettmarová
Table of contents

    Browsing through the 420 pages of this reference book, or directory of people involved in translation and terminology, readers cannot but ask themselves some Lasswellian questions. All the directory entries are uniform and have a standard structure. The book presents in alphabetical listing about 1200 names from all over the world together with their addresses, qualifications, occupations, specializations and a selection of their publications. But the overrepresentation of Western Europe (almost 50% of all entries), omissions of personalities one would expect to be included in such a book and, on the other hand, inclusion of names of people who apparently have nothing to do with translation or lexicography, are quite surprising. What's more, even people involved in either of the two fields are of very different profiles and orientations, ranging from practitioners to academics. And in spite of the uniform structure of the entries, some look rather like Yellow Pages advertisements of practising translators; or under "publications" one finds both translations and/or scholarly works or nothing. The entries are not categorized in any way, with translators, interpreters, directors etc. all appearing on the same page. It is therefore unclear how, in the absence of an index, one would use the hard copy version other than to look up someone already known, unless one resorts to the electronic version on the accompanying diskette for a cross-reference index.

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