Message for Translation Teachers

Why not give your students the opportunity to become contributors to Target? Select an article from any of the back issues of Target and let your students translate it for official publication on Target’s multilingual website. For more modest projects, book reviews are also eligible for translation. Conversely, the translation of groups of papers or even an entire issue (e.g., a special issue) may be envisaged for larger group efforts.

The pedagogical format is well-tested and can be adapted to specific didactic settings such as translation courses or thesis work (bachelor paper or master paper):

Instructors are encouraged to co-sign (as second translator) the published translations they have supervised. While the Multilingual Website Editor operates her own quality control procedures, the name and affiliation of the instructor serve as a first-level guarantee of translation quality.

What can this mean for you and your students, and for all of us?

If you are interested to let your students join the growing group of volunteers, please write to Daria Dayter at [email protected] to check whether the articles of your interest are still available for translation. Upon request, we can provide you with an example of good practice of how a translation project with Target can be adapted to specific didactic settings.