Welcome to the Handbook of Terminology Online

Editors: Hendrik J. Kockaert & Frieda Steurs
KU Leuven/University of the Free State/Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO)

The Handbook of Terminology (HoT) aims at disseminating knowledge about terminology (management) and at providing easy access to a large range of topics, traditions, best practices, and methods to a broad audience: students, researchers, professionals and lecturers in Terminology,  scholars and experts from other disciplines (among which linguistics, life sciences, metrology, chemistry, law studies, machine engineering, and actually any expert domain). In addition, the HoT addresses any of those with a professional or personal interest in (multilingual) terminology, translation, interpreting, localization, editing, etc., such as communication specialists, translators, scientists, editors, public servants, brand managers, engineers, (intercultural) organization specialists, and experts in any field.

The Handbook of Terminology Online will be expanded and revised annually. It also offers reference interlinking through CrossRef DOIs. You can use the links in the navigation bar at the top to access general information on the aim & scope of the handbook, on subscription and pricing, and on how to contact the publisher or the editors. 

If you are interested in obtaining a demo or trial subscription, please register through Trial.

 A print edition is available as well.

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