Development and translation

Kobus Marais
Table of contents

At this point in time, I do not think one can claim that development as a phenomenon or development studies as a field of study is, as such, a sub-field or a particular point of interest in Translation Studies*. One would not find monographs or even journal articles in which Translation Studies scholars venture into the field of development studies, as such. For their part, development scholars only on rare occasions venture into the field of translation, but then not necessarily into the conventional notion of translation proper (see Lewis & Mosse 2006). My argument is rather that the recent turns in Translation Studies imply that Translation Studies is inadvertently becoming involved in issues of development. First, I shall provide a brief conceptualisation of development and development studies. Then, I shall indicate how one could conceptualise the relationship between translation and development. After that, I shall set out the prospects for the future of this interdisciplinary relationship, arguing that Translation Studies does not have a choice about being involved in notions of development.

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