Letter from the editors

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    Sandra Halverson stepped down as co-editor of Target exactly one year ago to be replaced by Haidee. It was planned from the beginning that I would be making the same move a year later and that moment has now arrived.

    Running a journal can be a tough job. For instance, it is never a pleasant task to disappoint authors with a Reject message, let alone in the case of resubmissions, and it can take a great deal of pondering, soul-searching and further consultations to come to the right decision with submissions that are almost or perhaps good enough to be publishable, or when referees’ recommendations pull in different directions. And you have to get these decisions right, as so much depends on them not just for the quality and prestige of the journal but also for the individual submitting authors, who may well need publications in top-ranking journals to access funding, to get tenured or promoted, or to have a future in academia at all.

    That the work nonetheless remains pleasant and satisfying has everything to do with its collaborative nature. I am therefore extremely grateful to all those I have had the privilege of working together with: my marvellous co-editors Sandra and then Haidee; the journal’s review editors and multilingual website editors past and present; the board members and external referees who have so generously shared their time and expertise with the journal; the many hundreds of authors whose submissions I have worked on, including those whose efforts could not be rewarded with publication; and the staff at John Benjamins, who have been so unconditionally helpful and professional throughout (and whose commitment to the journal is perhaps best illustrated by their enthusiastic response to our plans for the multilingual website).

    The time has come to pass the baton to someone else. Doug Robinson is one of the finest scholars in our field and his scholarly profile forms an excellent match with Haidee’s; I am delighted that he accepted our invitation to take over. The future of Target is in safe hands!

    Dirk Delabastita

    Dirk Delabastita has made an immeasurable contribution as editor of Target over the past seven years. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Dirk, and I, as much as Target, have benefited from his astute intellect, scholarly generosity, dedication, and kindness – the embodiment of the spirit of Target. On behalf of myself, the editorial board, and the editorial staff of Target: the warmest of thanks. We are very pleased that Dirk will continue to contribute to the journal via his new position on the editorial board.

    At the same time, I am delighted to welcome Doug Robinson as new co-editor of Target. I look forward to our collaboration, continuing and growing the tradition of scholarly excellence that is the hallmark of Target.

    Haidee Kotze

    It is with pride, but also with a certain amount of trepidation, that I enter into this editorial task alongside Haidee as co-editor of Target. Past editors of the journal have established a rather daunting policy and practice of editorial support for all who submit articles. And that means all. This seems to me an admirable practice – but one that demands much in the way of frank but constructive critique. I’ve only been in the job a couple of weeks, but already I’m beginning to settle in, find my stride and my voice as a supportive co-editor. I’ve already learned a great deal about approaches to the study of translation that I had not personally researched in the past – and here I’d thought I was so eclectic! I’m enjoying working with Haidee and the rest of the editorial staff, and expect my steep learning curve to take me to many interesting new places. Please send us your best stuff!

    Doug Robinson