Book review
Hans J. Vermeer. Übersetzen als Utopie: Die Übersetzungstheorie des Walter Bendix Schoenflies Benjamin
Heidelberg: TEXTconTEXT, 1996. 257 pp. ISBN 3-9805370-2-1 DM 49,-. (Reihe Wissenschaft, 3).

Reviewed by Marilyn Gaddis Rose
New York
Table of contents

A study of Walter Benjamin (1892–1940), archpriest of literalness, one who heard the language of things and exhorted its translation into the language of men, by Hans [ p. 387 ]Vermeer (1930- ), originator of skopos theory, the theory which would free translation from the "corset [straitjacket?] of. . . literalness"? (adapted from Mark Shuttleworth's quotation in Shuttleworth 1997: 156). What could be expected? trashing or co-opting? Neither, as it happens.

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