Book review
Jan Ivarsson & Mary Carroll. Subtitling
Simrishamn: TransEdit HB, 1998. xii + 185 pp. ISBN 91-971799-2-2

Reviewed by Aline Remael
Table of contents

Subtitling by Jan Ivarsson and Mary Carroll is a new, reworked edition of Jan Ivarsson’s Subtitling for the media: A handbook of an art (1992). As the title of the original version indicates it was conceived as a “handbook”. However, rather than being prescriptive in a limitative way, it offered a comprehensive survey of current international subtitling methods (mainly in Europe) and their underlying principles. Subtitling was presented as an “art” because the author wanted to stress the complexity of the skills, imagination and talent required for the production of high quality subtitles.

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