Book review
Brigitte Horn-Helf. Technisches Übersetzen in Theorie und Praxis.
Tübingen-Basel: Francke, 1999. 371 pp. ISBN 3-8252-2038-9 DM 39,80 (UTB für Wissenschaft, 2038).

Reviewed by Monika Krein-Kühle
Table of contents

This German book sets out to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of technical translation and is aimed at practitioners, scholars, teachers and students of translation alike. It comprises three sections: Part I “Translationtheory approaches”, Part II “Technical translation in practice” and Part III “Technical translation in criticism and didactics”.

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Krein-Kühle, Monika
1999 “The investigation of equivalence in scientific and technical translation”. FIT, ed.Proceedings of the XV Congress, Mons, 6–10 August, 1999, I. 196–204.Google Scholar