Book review
Monika S. Schmid. Translating the elusive: Marked word order and subjectivity in English-German translation
Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1999. xii + 174 pp. ISBN Hb.:90 272 1641 X (Eur.) Hfl. 98./ 1 55619 795 0 (US.) $ 49 (Benjamins Translation Library, 36).

Reviewed by Monika Doherty
Table of contents

    The ‘elusive’ is, as the subtitle tells us, marked word order and subjectivity in English and German. The book consists of four chapters of varying length: the first two chapters (about twenty pages each) set the theoretical frame in general terms, while the third and the fourth chapter (some forty and fifty pages long, respectively) give a detailed account of four classes of marked word order in English and their possible translations into German. The balance between theory and application is remarkable as Translation Studies do not normally aim at a systematic and comprehensive discussion of empirical data.

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