Book review
Heidrun Witte. Die Kulturkompetenz des Translators: Begriffliche Grundlegung und Didaktisierung
Tübingen: Stauffenburg, 2000. 235 pp. ISBN 3-86057-248-2 DM 88,- (Studien zur Translation, 9).

Reviewed by Paul Kussmaul
Table of contents

    Heidrun Witte has taken up a subject that has been discussed repeatedly within translation theory, especially by scholars who do not restrict themselves to a purely linguistic approach but regard translation as a type of intercultural communication. For these, and I would include myself among them, culture is the most comprehensive frame of reference for making decisions when translating. There have been articles and chapters in books on this important topic but, to my knowledge, there has never been a whole book. Witte’s book is thus something many ofus have been waiting for.

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