New books at a glance
Kirsten Malmkjær. Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies: Interface and differences.
Utrecht: Platform Vertalen & Vertaalwetenschap, 1999. 72 pp. ISBN 90-804392-2-3 Hfl. 24.50 $ 11.50 (PlatformPapers on Translation Studies, 1).

Reviewed by Ibrahim Muhawi
Table of contents

    This is a short book that uses examples from Danish to tackle fundamental issues in the relation of linguistic theory to translational practice. The author focuses on two categories which to some extent are translational contraries. Deixis, the subject of the first essay comprising the book, is assumed to be a linguistic universal and hence falls into the hypothesis of the mutual translatability of languages, while discourse particles, the subject of the second essay, would lean more towards the assumption of untranslatability since they are available for use in Danish but not in English.

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