New books at a glance
Maria Sidiropoulou. Parameters in translation: English vs. Greek
Athens: University of Athens, 1999. x + 237 pp. ISBN 960-91097-0-5 (Parousia Publications in English Studies, 46).

Reviewed by Alexandra Lianeri
Table of contents

Which parameters, beyond the level of traditional grammatical analysis, affect the translator’s behaviour? This is the question Sidiropoulou’s book sets out to discuss in relation to translation practice from English into Greek and vice versa. The writer follows two methodological paths in her response to this task: one delineated by approaches to translation informed by linguistics and the other developed by the paradigm of Descriptive and Historical Translation Studies (which is somewhat confusingly described in the book as the “comparative literature tradition in the Dutch-speaking area...England...or Israel”, p. 2).

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Susam, Şebnem
Forthcoming. “Amultilingual and international Translation Studies?”. Theo Hermans ed. Crosscultural transgressions: Research models in Translation Studies II: Historical and ideological issues Manchester St Jerome