Book review
Marilyn Gaddis Rose, ed. Beyond the Western tradition
Binghamton: Center for Research in Translation, State University of New York at Binghamton, 2000. viii + 436 pp. ISBN 0890-4758 $35.00 (Translation Perspectives, XI).

Reviewed by Beverly Adab
Aston, Birmingham
Table of contents

This weighty volume, the last under the editorship of Marilyn Gaddis Rose, includes 31 chapters, focusing mainly on postcoloniality, but also on translation theory, history and practice in languages and cultures outside the “chief Eurocentric orbit”. It is organised into the following sections: Cross-cultural Issues; Europe Extended; The Middle East and Africa; Indian Subcontinent and the Far East; Latin American Sphere; and finally, Addendum: Advice for Translating Between Any Two Natural Languages.

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