Book review
Bert Esselink. A practical guide to localization
Development editor Arjen-Sjoerd de Vries. , Copy editor: Shiera O’Brien. Amsterdam/ Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2000. x + 588 pp. ISBN Hb.: 90 272 1955 9 (Eur.) / Hfl. 158; 1 58811 005 2 (US.) $79./ Pb.: 90 272 1956 7 (Eur.) / Hfl. 65; 1 58811 006 0 (US.) $32.95 (The Language International World Directory, 4).

Reviewed by Anthony Pym
Table of contents

    This revised version of Esselink’s A practical guide to software localization (1998) has been brought out just two years after the first edition. The main change, expressed in the dropping of “software” from the title, is the addition of information on HTML and XML documents, websites, and online help files and manuals. This is ostensibly to cater for the rapid growth in web-based localization providers, which would indeed appear to have changed everything in the recent heyday of ‘new economy’ enthusiasm. Yet the additions also include new sections on internationalization, quality assurance and desktop publishing, all addressing traditional communication formats as well. The result is a rather complete set of introductory materials that, I suspect, speak rather more to the demands of students-sitting-in-front-of-computers than they do to radical economic changes over a two-year period. Esselink is responding to the training market, and responding very well.

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