Book review
Federica Scarpa. La traduzione specializzata:Lingue speciali e media-zione linguistica
Milano: Editore Ulrico Hoepli, 2001. 333 pp. ISBN 88-203-2709-9 Euro 19,38

Reviewed by Giuliana Schiavi
Table of contents

In Italy, since the 1980s the general situation of books on translation has changed dramatically. If we compare Saggio di bibliografia sui problemi storici e pratici delle traduzioni(Briamonte 1984), not specifically devoted to Italy, and including mainly foreign publications, with the bibliography of these last two decades we observe that not only have Italian titles devoted to translation been steadily increasing (publications in the 1990s compared to the 1980s have more than doubled) but that, broadly speaking, there has been a major shift in the fields of research and discussion. Moreover, from the second half of the 1990s [ p. 197 ]new fields of research not covered in the 80s have appeared: translation as intercultural communication and media translation are but two examples. Another characteristic of the 90s is the founding of almost all Italian periodicals on translation now available.

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