Book review
Birgitta Englund Dimitrova & Kenneth Hyltenstam, eds. Language processing and simultaneous interpreting: Interdisciplinary perspectives. Papers presented at the International Symposium on Language Processing and Interpreting, held in Stockholm in February 1997
Amsterdam/ Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2000. xv + 164 pp. ISBN 90 272 1645 2 (Eur.) NLG 135./ 1 58811 008 7 (US) USD 61 (Benjamins Transla-tion Library, 40).

Reviewed by Sylvia Kalina
Table of contents

This volume presents papers given at the International Symposium on Language Processing and Interpreting, held in Stockholm in February 1997, and is dedicated to Sarah Williams, a young linguist and expert in bilingualism, who had developed an interest in Interpreting Research (IR) and had planned and prepared the symposium but did not live to participate in it. In their preface, the editors pay tribute to her work in L3 acquisition as well as in IR.

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