Book review
Umberto Eco. Experiences in translation
Alastair McEwen. Alastair McEwen. Toronto—Buffalo—London: University of Toronto Press, 2001. x + 135 pp. ISBN 0-8020-3533-7 $ 19.95/£ 13.00 (Toronto Italian Studies).

Reviewed by Bart Van den Bossche
Table of contents

Experiences in translation contains two long essays based on the Goggio Public Lectures delivered by Umberto Eco at the University of Toronto in 1998. The first essay (“Translating and being translated”, pp.3–63) deals with general issues concerning translation and Eco’s personal experience both as a translated novelist and as a translator, while the focus of the second part (“Translation and interpretation”, pp.65–132) lies with the theoretical issue of defining “translation proper” within the realm of interpretative practices. In this way, as Eco himself puts it (p.ix), the book follows the author’s own parcours from a writing activity imbued with spontaneous and ‘naive’ conceptions of translation to a more theoretical interest in the topic.

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