Book review
Franz Pöchhacker. Dolmetschen: Konzeptuelle Grundlagen und deskriptive Untersuchungen
Tübingen: Stauffenburg, 2000. xii + 336 pp. ISBN 3-86057-246-6 € 49,50 (Studienzur Translation, 7).

Reviewed by Daniel Gile
Table of contents

Simultandolmetschen als komplexes Handeln(1994) was the published version of Franz Pöchhacker’s 1992 doctoral dissertation (see the review in Target 7:1. 185–188 [Gile 1995]). Dolmetschen: Konzeptuelle Grundlagen und deskriptive Untersuchungen, is his Habilitationsschrift (a post-doctoral work which qualifies its author for a position as a full professor). Besides the content of this book, well worth reading, it is interesting to see how the author evolved over the half decade or so which elapsed between the two works.

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