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Panayiotis Goutsos, ed. & tr. Translation discourse: A contemporary translation theory reader [in Greek]
Athens: Elinika Gramata, 2001. 323 pp. ISBN 960-393-722-3 4950 drachmas/€ 14,53

Reviewed by Alexandra Lianeri
Table of contents

    If the translation of contemporary translation theories into Greek was long overdue, and thus constitutes a noteworthy event in itself, the publication of a collection of essays on translation in the form of a reader is more than significant for modern Greek letters. Panayiotis Goutsos’s edition of contemporary translation theories is a timely and valuable contribution to translation research in Greece. It not only fills a regrettable gap by introducing a problematic on translation that had previously remained unknown or unavailable in the target culture; it also assumes the difficult task of shaping the vocabulary for the transfer and rewriting of this problematic, and thus sets the presuppositions for its appropriation, endorsement or subsequent critique.

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