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Roger Ellis & Liz Oakley-Brown, eds. Translation and nation: Towards a cultural politics of Englishness
Clevedon-Buffalo-Toronto-Sydney: Multilingual Matters, 2001. vi + 225 pp. ISBN 1-85359-517-9 £ 19.95 / USD 29.95 (Topics in translation, 18).

Reviewed by Joanne M. Collie
Table of contents

    A few years ago, visiting a university in another country, I was asked about the graduate translation programme at the Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies at Warwick University. My description of some of my students’ doctoral projects, however, elicited a startled response: “But that’s not translation at all!” What is translation? Amongst the most interesting aspects of recent scholarship have been, first, a querying—and pushing outwards—of imagined boundaries for the ‘territory’ of translation, and secondly the parallel challenge to the recurring binaries that have governed its study for so long. These two endeavours are both strong and welcome features of the volume under review, number 18 in the series Topics in translation edited by Susan Bassnett and Edwin Gentzler.

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