New books at a glance
Zoé De Linde & Neil Kay. The semiotics of subtitling
Manchester: St. Jerome, 1999. 107 pp. ISBN 1-9000650-18-5

Reviewed by Heidi Heikkinen and Dinda L. Gorlée
Table of contents

    This book provides a fresh and a highly welcomed approach to the study of intralingual subtitling—the art of transferring verbal and non-verbal sound elements into a silent language, a visual and formalised code provided with signs interpretable by deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. Traditionally, intralingual translation has been studied not so much as a form of translation, but rather “from a technical pragmatic perspective as a communication aid” (Preface), a tool for people with congenital or acquired loss of hearing. In The semiotics of sbtitling, both linguistic and pragmatic approaches are combined in the study of subtitling, and in particular the study of viewing behaviour as well as the effects of subtitles.

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