Book review
Ulf Norberg. Übersetzen mit doppeltem Skopos: Eine empirische Prozess- und Produktstudie
Uppsala: Uppsala Universitet, 2003. 222 pp. ISBN 91-554-5584-0 (Studia Germanistica Upsaliensia, 42).

Reviewed by Hanna Risku
Table of contents

    Ulf Norberg’s Dissertation in German Language and Literature Studies at Uppsala University (Sweden) is first and foremost a methodologically well argumented and multifarious piece of experimental work in the field of processoriented Translation Studies. The purpose of this empirical study is to examine the translation processes employed and the resulting translations produced by eight individual translators each carrying out translation tasks from German into Swedish. Four of these translators worked in a semi-professional capacity, while the others could be categorised as professional translators. The translators were all asked to translate the same source text for two different audiences: firstly for a daily newspaper and then for a children’s magazine. The data on the translation processes were collected using the think-aloud technique, i.e. the translators were asked to verbalize what they were doing as much as possible while translating.

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