Book review
Robert Singerman. Jewish translation history: A bibliography of bibliographies and studies
With an introductory essay by Gideon Toury. Amsterdam; Philadelphia, Pa: John Benjamins, 2002. xxxvi + 420 pp. ISBN 1588113094 $156 (Benjamins Translation Library, 44).

Reviewed by Rachel Leket-Mor
Tempe, Arizona
Table of contents

Statements about translation are quite common when Jewish languages are mentioned in variant contexts, academic and non-academic alike. Such statements as “what is a Jewish book if not a text that feels as if it were written originally in translation?” (Stavans 2001: 5) typically resonate well with the polyglot nature of Jewish culture, just as they are remote from any methodical framework accepted in Translation Studies. That intuitive “feeling” about the richness of Jewish translational practices is effectively based on the history of this culture, whose main chapters are followed in Robert Singerman’s bibliography reviewed here.

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