Book review
Anthony Pym. The moving text: Localization, translation, and distribution
Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2004. xviii + 220 pp. ISBN 90-272-1655-X (Eur.) € 85./ 1-58811-508-9 (US) $ 102 (Benjamins Translation Library, 49).

Reviewed by Brian Mossop
Table of contents

The first six of this book’s nine chapters rework the author’s 1992 Translation and text transfer (TTT) in the light of the advent of the localization industry. Pym extends the industry’s poorly theorized concepts of internationalization and localization, and contrasts the result with the model of translation developed in Translation Studies. The topic is set within a broad framework of intercultural communication; indeed, readers might benefit from a look at the author’s “Propositions on cross-cultural communication and translation” (Pym 2004).

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