Book review
Maria Sidiropoulou. Linguistic identities through translation
Amsterdam–New York: Rodopi, 2004. x + 186 pp. ISBN 90-420-0990-X € 40 / USD 50 (Approaches to Translation Studies, 23).

Reviewed by Alexandra Lianeri
Table of contents

    How do linguistic identities manifest themselves in translation? Can Translation Studies designate new perspectives for the study of linguistic and cultural diversity? What is the relationship between translational, monolingual and contrastive linguistic research? Maria Sidiropoulou addresses these questions on the basis of a well-documented and meticulous analysis of English-Greek translations. Her research focuses on both technical and literary practice to explore how translations can provide new data and insights for the study of linguistic identities. In terms of method, the book is located in the interface between Linguistics and Translation Studies. It cuts across a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, including Critical Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Cognitive Linguistics and Cultural Studies, to examine how Translation Studies can offer its specific viewpoint to the study of linguistic specificity and thus promote linguistic identity awareness and intercultural communication.

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