Book review
Julia Richter, Cornelia Zwischenberger, Stefanie Kremmel & Karlheinz Spitzl, eds. (Neu-)Kompositionen. Aspekte transkultureller Translationswissenschaft
(Transkulturalität – Translation – Transfer 26). Berlin: Frank & Timme, 2016. 404 pp.

Reviewed by Rebecca DeWald

Publication history
Table of contents

The edited volume (Neu-)Kompositionen is dedicated to Larisa Schippel, as a liber amicorum, a type of Festschrift for the translation scholar based at the University of Vienna. Friends and colleagues were invited to take Schippel’s ideas as starting points to create ‘new compositions’ enabling their afterlives, following Walter Benjamin’s proclamation: “Es gibt eine Nachreife auch der festgelegten Worte” (Established words also have their post-maturation; Benjamin 1980, 53; Benjamin 2012, 77). The resulting collection is structured around three headings: reflexivity and ethics; historicity of translation and translation acts; and translations as added value for third parties. The editors’ aim was to show the strong connections that exist between translation ethics, historicity, and afterlives of translated texts, while paying special attention to the influence of agents involved in translation processes. The result is a potpourri of contributions in terms of topics, scholarly interest, level of engagement with Schippel’s work, and quality.

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