Book review
Luise von Flotow & Farzaneh Farahzad, eds. Translating Women: Different Voices and New Horizons
New York: Routledge, 2017. xvi, 235 pp.

Reviewed by Hua Tan and Bing Xiong
Publication history
Table of contents

Edited and introduced by Luise von Flotow and Farzaneh Farahzad, Translating Women: Different Voices and New Horizons is a well-organized collection of 13 essays dealing with gender-related issues in the field of translation studies. The book can be considered a sequel to von Flotow’s earlier collection Translating Women (2011). It is divided into four main sections entitled: (1) The Role of Women Translators; (2) Applying Feminism in Translation; (3) Translating Women Authors in Context; and (4) Feminist Translation Projects.

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