Book review
David Orrego-Carmona & Yvonne Lee, eds. Non-Professional Subtitling
Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017. xiii, 312 pp.

Reviewed by Patricia Álvarez Sánchez
Publication history
Table of contents

Motivated by the altruistic intention to disseminate content to an audience that would, otherwise, not have access to it in most cases, non-professional subtitlers and their translation work might be considered to be on the periphery of Translation Studies. Notwithstanding this, the editors of Non-Professional Subtitling, David Orrego-Carmona and Yvonne Lee, manage to present them in a very positive light. In their introduction to the volume, which suffers slightly from some typographical mistakes and repetitions, Orrego-Carmona and Lee promise to provide insight into the study of a sub-discipline of audiovisual translation (AVT) that “seems to have passed unnoticed to the academic community” (Díaz Cintas and Muñoz Sánchez 2006, 37). Indeed, after several compilations on general perspectives of audiovisual translation, such as Di Giovanni and Gambier (2018) and volumes published in the Peter Lang series New Trends in Translation Studies (e.g., Bruti and Di Giovanni 2012; Ghia 2012; McLoughlin, Biscio, and Mhainnín 2011), very few scholars have ventured into the territory of fansubbing.

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