Risking conceptual maps: Mapping as a keywords-related tool underlying the online Translation Studies Bibliography

Luc van Doorslaer
Lessius University College, Antwerp / CETRA, University of Leuven

The Holmes/Toury map is a monument in Translation Studies. It is often referred to but only very few attempts have been made to complement it, let alone to draw completely new maps of the discipline, especially after the simplicity of relationships suggested by maps was severely denounced by Anthony Pym. Nevertheless, in the last years a new conceptual map has gradually been developed as an underlying tool for the online Translation Studies Bibliography. This TSB map has an open and descriptive character and tries to bring an added value to the conceptualization and the interrelationships between concepts that are often used ambiguously or even in an idiosyncratic way. This contribution describes the development and construction of that new map and concludes by calling for criticism, changes and additions.

Table of contents

The scope of such an undertaking raises a number of problems, even if it were to be confined to the chief languages of Europe. Indeed, the sources likely to provide useful information for such a history are so numerous and so varied that one can hardly imagine the amount of research it would involve... Admittedly, the undertaking is a tremendous one.

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