Book review
Sándor Hervey, Michael Loughridge & Ian Higgins. Thinking German translation. A course in translation method: German to English. (Second edition).
London–New York: Routledge, 2006. xvi + 238 pp. ISBN 0-415-34146-9 £ 19.99. (German Language / Translation Studies).

Reviewed by Don Kiraly
Table of contents

Thinking German translation is a textbook designed to accompany an introductory course in German–English translation for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate level students. The book was written by three lecturers at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, presumably as the basis for the only course in German– English translation taught at that university. St. Andrew’s does not offer a degree in Translation Studies, so the course is actually geared towards students of German philology and cultural studies. The special constraints of this educational setting are reflected in the book in a number of ways, which will become apparent over the course of this review.

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