Book review
Jun Xu, ed. 改革开放以来中国翻译研究概论 (1978–2018) [Translation Studies in China since the Reform & Opening-up (1978–2018)].
Wuhan: Hubei Education Press, 2018. 526 pp.

Reviewed by Jianghua Qin
Publication history
Table of contents

Over the past four decades, the great economic transformation of China constitutes an unprecedented miracle in human history. This massive upsurge would be inconceivable without translation. China’s boom in translation and translation studies (TS) is, however, less well-known to researchers outside the country, despite the fact that it has the largest number of translator training programs in the world and an increasing global visibility in scholarly publications. Among the relevant books and articles available to readers (e.g., Valdeón 2017), very few offer a panoramic view of what is happening in Chinese academia. For this reason, a comprehensive volume that provides an integrated analysis of China’s extended boom in translation and TS during this period is more than welcome.

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