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Maarten Steenmeijer. De Spaanse en Spaans-Amerikaanse literatuur in Nederland (1946-1985).
Muiderberg: Coutinho, 1989. 190 pp. ISBN 90-6283-751-4

Reviewed by Ilse Logie
Table of contents

    In his study of the reception of Spanish (SpL) and Spanish-American (SpAL) literature in the Netherlands during the period 1946-1985, M. Steenmeijer starts from the two following findings. On the one hand, SpL was translated regularly in the first decades after World War II; after 1960, the number of translations, especially of contemporary writers, diminished considerably. On the other hand, a tentative start was simultaneously made with the introduction of SpAL on the Dutch market (including Flanders); this process was accelerated after the translation of Cien años de soledad by G. García Márquez in 1972.

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