Book review
Francesca Billiani, ed. Modes of Censorship and Translation. National Contexts and Diverse Media
Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing, 2007. 328 pp. ISBN 978-1900650-94-6 £22,50

Reviewed by Denise Merkle
Table of contents

Edited by Francesca Billiani of the University of Manchester, this book offers readers interested in (inter-)cultural studies and cross-cultural transfer, in general, or in the growing debate on censorship and translation, in particular, the presentation of research findings on a variety of disciplinary perspectives and a range of genres and media. Billiani’s volume has brought together richly documented and thought-provoking articles that cover six modern national contexts in many cases characterized by definitive political movements: Franco’s Spain, the German Democratic Republic (GDR), Great Britain (from the eighteenth century to the twentieth century), nineteenth- and twentieth-century Greece, Mussolini’s Italy and Nazi Germany. However, like the 2002 “Translation and Censorship” issue of TTR, Modes of Censorship and Translation limits its examination to Western, if not exclusively European, national contexts. To her credit, Billiani acknowledges the European focus of the collection (p. 4). The scope of a book review will necessarily limit the depth and breadth of our analysis of this important contribution to the literature on censorship and translation.

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