Book review
Jean Boase-Beier. Stylistic Approaches to Translation
Manchester-Kinderhook: St Jerome, 2006. viii + 176 pp. ISBN 1-900650-98-3 £19.50 (Translation Theories Explored, 10).

Reviewed by Jeremy Munday
Table of contents

Jean Boase-Beier’s Stylistic Approaches to Translation, a welcome addition to St Jerome’s Translation Theories Explored (previously ‘Explained’) series, is perhaps the most prominent of several recent translation studies publications from a stylistics perspective: Kirsten Malmkjær’s work on ‘translational stylistics’ and the translations of Hans Christian Andersen (Malmkjær 2003, 2004), the special issue of Language and Literature edited by Boase-Beier herself (2004), Charlotte Bosseaux’s How Does it Feel? (2007), a computer-assisted investigation of narrative voice in Virginia Woolf, the reissue of Tim Parks’ Translating Style by St Jerome (2007), which discusses the style in Italian translation of British mainly modernist writers, and the analysis of style and ideology as expressed in translations of Latin American writing (Munday 2007).

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