Book review
Jennifer Lindsay, ed. Between Tongues. Translation and/of/in Performance in Asia
Singapore: Singapore University Press, 2006. xvi + 302 pp. ISBN 9971-69-339-9 28 USD

Reviewed by James St. André
Table of contents

I found this volume to be an excellent example of how academics, artistic performers, and translation practitioners can and should enter into dialogue with one another. In her introduction, Jennifer Lindsay traces the three-step process which produced this result: a workshop centering around performance, where practitioners (both actors and translators) predominated; a more academic workshop reflecting on the earlier performative workshop; and finally the revising and editing necessary to turn materials from both of those settings into a coherent volume of papers. Although one must suspect from the all-English published result that the participants were chosen at least partly based on their ability to use English as a lingua franca (she does not, for example, mention any interpreting taking place during either of the workshops, except for during Anom Suroto’s performance), she has still managed to collect together a group of people working in a wide range of performative traditions. As a result, both researchers and practitioners of translation and the performing arts will find much food for thought in this volume.

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