Book review
Laura Fólica, Diana Roig-Sanz & Stefania Caristia, eds. Literary Translation in Periodicals: Methodological Challenges for a Transnational Approach
(Benjamins Translation Library 155). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2020. vii, 401 pp. Open access at.

Publication history
Table of contents

As suggested by its title, the volume under review is directly relevant to two areas of research: the study of literary translation and the study of periodicals. Having had to overcome former perceptions that their respective objects of study were of marginal interest compared to the ‘real thing’ (original literature, books), both research strands have in recent decades displayed a remarkable scholarly vitality, but they did so mainly along separate lines. The present volume’s main objective is to bring them together in a productive dialogue. While ‘literature’ here obviously has to be understood in a truly transnational sense and not as a juxtaposition of self-sufficient national traditions, it is worth underscoring that the book covers a large variety of periodical publications and chronological and geocultural frameworks. The term ‘translation’, too, is used broadly, being allowed to extend to phenomena such as multilingualism, reviews of foreign literature, and even recourse to the visual language of typography and graphic art.

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