Book review
Mira Kim, Jeremy Munday, Zhenhua Wang & Pin Wang, eds. Systemic Functional Linguistics and Translation Studies
London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2021. xvi, 244 pp.

Reviewed by Jing Zhao
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Publication history
Table of contents

Conceiving of language as a resource for creating meaning, systemic functional linguistics (SFL) offers a comprehensive, applicable model for discourse analysis. SFL has been used by scholars in Translation Studies (TS) for over three decades, inspiring many theoretical perspectives and empirical studies and generating fruitful research on various topics (e.g., Steiner and Yallop 2001). The edited volume under review presents current developments in the intersecting fields of SFL and TS, foregrounding key issues and acknowledging challenges in integrating them. It consists of ten chapters that bring together world-leading scholars in SFL and TS, reflecting a strong interdisciplinary awareness and a broad methodological scope. Its aim is to demonstrate the value and potential of working at the interface of SFL and TS and to chart a new research agenda for further collaboration.

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