Book review
Hans-Wolfgang Schneiders. Allgemeine Übersetzungstheorie. Verstehen und Wiedergeben
Bonn: Romanistischer Verlag, 2007. 247 pp. ISBN 3-86143-175-0 (Abhandlungen zur Sprache und Literatur, 169).

Reviewed by Christina Schäffner
Table of contents

A book entitled Allgemeine Übersetzungstheorie (general translation theory) raises specific expectations about its content. A reader interested in Translation Studies would expect to be presented with such a general theory of the area, to be developed in comparison to and engaging critically with other such theories. One would also expect the argumentation to be conducted from the perspective of the discipline of Translation Studies. These expectations, however, are not fulfilled in this work. Despite the claim in the preface that a new and comprehensive theory of translation will be developed, Schneiders does not actually do so. Instead, he mainly comments on the role and principles of text comprehension. The book’s subtitle Verstehen und Wiedergeben (comprehension and reproduction, or: understanding and re-rendering) captures the author’s concerns much more aptly and would have been a more appropriate title.

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