Book review
Esperança Bielsa. A Translational Sociology: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Politics and Society
Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2023. x, 175 pp.

Reviewed by Li Chen
Publication history
Table of contents

Accelerating globalization and mobile populations around the world have led to unprecedented interlinguistic exchanges and intercultural encounters. Especially in this digital age, fast-growing technology and media have vastly expanded the old ways of communication across national and cultural boundaries, profoundly reshaping the way people communicate with each other. Such dramatic developments have placed higher and broader demands on translation and interpreting, as well as on translators and interpreters. As a hybrid, collaborative activity (Bassnett 2014, 145), translation plays a more critical and pervasive role in mediating international and intercultural communication than ever before.

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