Professor Miriam Shlesinger

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    At the time of writing this, and even more so, as you read this, there have been very many tributes to Miriam Shlesinger, who died from cancer on the 10th of November 2012. The community of Translation and Interpreting Studies scholars has come together in its grief at her loss, and in appreciation of all that she did for our discipline and for so many of its members. One aspect of Miriam’s work that has not been widely cited is the tremendous contribution that she made to Target as its style editor, from its first issue in 1989, until the second issue of Volume 20 in 2008–20 years and 20 volumes’ worth of close reading and editing, ensuring that the quality of expression in the journal matched the quality of its contents. From Volume 21, Miriam moved onto the Advisory Board of Target, continuing to support the work of the journal with her wit and wisdom.

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