Book review
Werner Koller & Henjum Kjetil Berg. Einführung in die Übersetzungswissenschaft
unter Mitarbeit von. (8th rev. ed. UTB [Uni-Taschenbücher] 3520). Tübingen: Narr Francke Attempto, 2011. VIII + 349 pp. ISBN 973-8252-3520-8 €19,90

Reviewed by Mary Snell-Hornby and Alice Leal
Table of contents

The first edition of Werner Koller’s Einführung in die Übersetzungswissenschaft was published in 1979, when the study of translation, if it was considered an area worthy of scholarly research at all, was seen as a mere branch of either (applied) linguistics or (comparative) literature—and it was restricted largely to the English-speaking area and Europe, with German scholars playing a leading part. Thirty-two years later—in 2011—Translation Studies is internationally recognized and institutionalized as a multi-facetted discipline in its own right, closely bound up with technological and global developments, including the dominant role of English as the language of publication. The eighth edition of Koller’s book has a different publisher, a new UTB series number, another ISBN number, and a new format and cover design, but has kept the same title. The blurb on the back cover informs the reader that this “nunmehr in 8. Auflage vorliegende Standardwerk führt ein in die Grundlagen und den aktuellen Stand der Übersetzungswissenschaft.” In other words, it promises an introduction to the fundamental principles and the current state of the art of the discipline. We will consider how far the new edition lives up to those criteria.

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