Book review
Jean Boase-Beier. A Critical Introduction to Translation Studies
Continuum Critical Introductions to Linguistics.London: Continuum, 2011. 187 pp. ISBN 978-1-4411-8912-7 (hb) / 978-0-8264-3525-5 (pb) £63.00 (hb) £20.69 (pb)

Reviewed by Andrew Chesterman
Table of contents

This book has a misleading title. It should be called something like “A cognitive stylistics view of literary translation,” although this would not fit in with the name of the publisher’s series in which it appears. It does not “introduce” Translation Studies as a whole: it is aimed at postgraduates and scholars, who ought to be well beyond introductions to their field. It deals only with literary translation. And it is (with few exceptions) not “critical”—at least in the sense that it might take a critical view of translation theories. It could be called “critical,” however, in the sense that the approach it takes is not exclusively descriptive, but often shifts to an evaluative stance.

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