Book review
Michael P. Oakes & Meng Ji, eds. Quantitative Methods in Corpus-Based Translation Studies: A Practical Guide to Descriptive Translation Research
(Studies in Corpus Linguistics 51). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2012. X + 361 pp. ISBN 978-90-272-0356-4 € 99.00 / US$ 149.00 (HB)

Reviewed by Federico Zanettin
Table of contents

The purpose of this volume is to “provide a comprehensive guidebook to the essential quantitative methods in corpus-based translation studies” (vii), thus filling a gap in the literature, which still lacks a systematic description of how statistical techniques used in corpus linguistics can be applied to translation research. The volume is introduced by a short preface and divided into four sections: “theoretical explorations,” “essential corpus statistics,” “quantitative explorations of literary translation” and “quantitative explorations of translation lexis,” for a total of 13 chapters. Statistical tables are provided as appendixes, as are a keyword and author index.

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