Book review
Minako O’Hagan, ed. Translation as a Social Activity. Community Translation 2.0
(Special issue of Linguistica Antverpiensia New Series—Themes in Translation Studies 10). 265 pp. ISBN 978-90-5487-977-0. ISSN 0304-2294 €35

Reviewed by Anthony Pym
Table of contents

This is an excellent collection of essays on an extremely timely topic (even now, some four years after its publication!). As web-based technologies allow information to be produced in an increasingly participative way (Web 2.0 is basically this), translation is becoming an activity in which many people can be involved collectively. Such would be the general sense of “community translation,” which is the term preferred by Minako O’Hagan, the editor of this volume. There is, however, much more than communitarianism at stake here—the field, like the volume, allows forays in multiple directions, with potentially confusing results. So let me begin with the terms, then move to rest.

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