Book review
Haidee Kruger. Postcolonial polysystems. The production and reception of translated children’s literature in South Africa
(Benjamins Translation Library 105). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2012. xvii, 312 pp.

Reviewed by José Lambert
Table of contents

It does not seem easy to imagine a more promising title than Haidee Kruger’s Postcolonial Polysystems. The Production and Reception of Translated Children’s Literature in South Africa, whetting as it does our appetite for a study in which children’s literature is not merely seen as a way into postcolonial or other macroscopic systems. The author of this impressive book clarifies the link between PS and children’s literature in terms of both macroscopic and microscopic relations. Quite convincingly it seems, but let us await both her and our conclusions and questions.

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