Book review
Brian T. Fitch. Beckett and Babel: An Investigation into the Status of the Bilingual Work
Toronto-Buffalo-London: University of Toronto Press, 1988. (University of Toronto Romance Series, 57). x + 242 pp. ISBN 0-8020-5778-0 Can $ 35

Reviewed by Rainier Grutman
Table of contents

For almost a decade now, Professor Fitch has been tackling the problems involved in the study of Beckett as a bilingual and in Beckett's bilingual work. The present volume thus reflects several earlier published, mostly French essays, which entails some inevitable redundancies (e.g. the same quotations of H. Meschonnic on pp. 19, 36 and 77-78 and of J. McFarlane on pp. 26 and 78).

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