Book review
Mary Snell-Hornby & Esther Pöhl, eds. Translation and Lexicography: Papers read at the EURALEX Colloquium held at Innsbruck 2-5 July 1987
Amsterdam: John Benjamins/EURALEX/Paintbrush, 1989. 238 pp. ISBN 90-272-2063-8 Hfl. 135

Reviewed by Guy A.J. Tops
Table of contents

    The EURALEX colloquium whose papers this book brings together "was called for two specific reasons: firstly, the current deficit in suitable dictionaries for professional and trainee translators, and secondly the observation made at lexicographic conférences that dictionary makers seem unaware that translators have any special needs at all" (from the Preface, p. 5). Although the conference thus had a well-defined theme and some participants even shared a purpose—the editors express the hope that the conference might contribute to the realization of "the translator's dictionary"—the nineteen papers are quite diverse. Some speakers, taking a very lofty high road, discussed general characteristics of bilingual lexicography and its relation to general linguistics; others, not necessarily less interesting, were much more down to earth and discussed complex translation quandaries they had had to find their way out of, or present in-depth studies of detailed semantic problems.

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