Book review
Gideon Toury. Descriptive Translation Studies and beyond
Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1995. viii + 311 pp. ISBN Hb.: 90 272 2145 6 (Eur.) Hfl 145,-./ 1-55619-495-1 (US.) $ 84.00./ Pb.: 90 272 1606 1 (Eur.) Hfl 55,-./ 1-55619-687-3 (US.) $ 27.95 (Benjamins Translation Library, 4).

Reviewed by Andrew Chesterman
Table of contents

This is the long-awaited update and development of Toury's earlier book In Search of a Theory of Translation (1980). The search is still on, but the discipline has come a good bit further during the last 15 years. This new book offers a fairly comprehensive survey of the descriptive branch of Translation Studies, with a strong and welcome focus on conceptual clarity and on methodology. As the title suggests, Toury also looks ahead to where research might move next.

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