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Deanna L. Hammond, ed. Professional Issues for Translators and Interpreters.
Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1994. 216 pp. ISBN 90 272 3182 6 (Eur.) Hfl 85./ 1-55619-626-1 (US) (ATA Scholarly Monograph Series, VII).

Reviewed by Peter Jansen
Table of contents

    Although its appearance in the "ATA Scholarly Monograph Series" may suggest otherwise, "Professional Issues . . . " does not claim academic status. In accordance with the American Translators' Association (ATA)'s objective of raising (awareness of) professional standards of translating and interpreting, the book is meant for anyone trying to make a living out of these activities. In fact, although some articles will be relevant only to professionals in the U.S., there is something in the book for everybody interested in increasing his or her credibility as a business partner. The book, containing fourteen articles divided over six sections, gives a varied mix of general and more specialized information, larded with anecdotes and examples and often moralizing recommendations; in some instances, more technical information is given, new possibilities are indicated, or attempts are made to contribute to ongoing discussions. As can be expected, recurrent topics are ethics and "client education". However, in essence, the ethical and other recommendations are based on practical experience and personal views, not on research.

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