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Anneke de Vries. Zuiver en onvervalscht?: Een beschrijving voor bijbelvertalingen, ontwikkeld en gedemonstreerd aan de Petrus Canisius Vertaling
Amsterdam: VU Uitgeverij, 1994. xii + 233 pp. ISBN 90-5383-343-9

Reviewed by Paul Gillaerts
Table of contents

As the title [Pure and Unallowed?: A Model for the Description of Bible Translations, Developed and Demonstrated on the Petrus Canisius Translation] indicates, this book offers both a model for the description of Bible translations and a scrupulous account based on the model, of the first important Catholic Bible translation in the Netherlands, which starts from the source texts and not from the Catholic tradition. As a matter of fact, the book is more an analysis of the Catholic translation, than a theoretical exposé on methodological questions, so that it remains unsure whether the model is applicable to other translations. Nevertheless, the importance of this well-balanced study lies in the multidisciplinary approach, which takes into account recent research in the field of translation studies. For the study the author had to do research into archives, to read through the literature on translation theory, to analyse and compare texts and to dispose of a thorough knowledge of Hebrew, Greek and exegesis.

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